Closing A Gallery

After Barry Friedman announced he would be retiring and closing his flagship space in the spring of 2014, I felt it was my personal duty to take pictures. Even at the time, I knew Barry's story as a gallerist wasn't completed. There were so many untold stories. There was so much work in the space that he'd held on to over the years for a number of good reasons. It wasn't going to be over, but there are only a few oppertunities one gets in this life to notice to be present enough to record an ending of this magnitude; So, no matter what was to happen, I wanted to document it.

This series reminds me of the spirit itself. I always found comfort in the theory that all energy that currently exists has always existed and will always exist. Things may change, evolve, grow, and redefine themselves, but they can't just vanish. There is a spirit that prevails.

Today, Barry Friedman Ltd. is still in operation with a core crew that I am happy to have been welcomed back to after working for B2OA (Now retooled as Albertz Benda) and the now-defunct Kasher|Potamkin partnership. I returned to Barry after that nine month period of [dare I say] interesting journeys and discoveries in the art world.  Barry's mission continues to be carried out and I continue to find answers to my questions through that energy.