Stargazes was initially conceived after a failed attempt at love. It is at times like these, whether greatly or casually engaged in a relationship of any kind, that I realize how much people mean to me, and the powerful sense of abrupt awakening when the stars are no longer in place, and how to move forward.  The human condition, the longing for connection and clear lines of communication, tenderness, love, physical bond, and long-term commitment become blinding in the face of entrancement.­ The men depicted in the drawings for this series are all men in my life that I have a deeper bond with, and have spent time with contemplating the nature of looking into the stars; what it means for them—and what it has meant for me to watch with them.


Initially, I created the series with the intention that each subject would be looking away from both the creator (myself), and the viewer. Though, after drawing and experiencing people through drawing, none of these friends have actually turned away at all. I have deeply invested my thoughts about them and care for them from a place within. The darkness that they are all enveloped in is the night sky that surrounds my heart. Their gaze will be fixed on a central drawing, which will contain the muse I work from—who is yet to be revealed. She is physical manifestation of my inspiration for human connection.


Centerpiece image is to be a gigantic drawing on Arches roll paper. The drawing will roll from the ceiling to the wall and then to the floor.  There will be a sky and a ground, on the part of the drawing that is draped on the ground, I will invite people to walk on the drawing itself, creating footsteps. Conceptually speaking, the centerpiece drawing will exist to provide an entrance for the viewer to become a stargazer, joining the rest of the men hanging on the wall in the search for love.