X: Mother's Room

Mother's Room is an extension of the larger body of work X: For My Father. The work is a hybrid project of the evolution of the life of the room, here, giving ownership to the mother.  Though my mother and father shared the room equally for over 30 years, as well as the bed for even longer, it was always clear that my father doled up ownership of the room, and the way it would be dressed, to my mother.  The collection of the works in this project span from video triptychs of conversations with my father from 1987 to the present day, still photographs of the room, and video and photo documentation of the room being emptied at our departure. 

The newest addition to the mini-series, Ghost, 2013, is a new video about time continuum with relation to space and images, compiled with imagery from Mother's Room.  One of the earliest memories I have of this room are of the hanging plants that had hung in the windows, and my mother taking them down to water them.  The imagery in the left panel of this diptych suggests that life ends, while a constant, be it an action, or a memory of an action, continues to repeat itself in space and in time.  

Another recent work, Mother in the Mirror, is a video piece filmed from a vantage point of older footage of the home from 1987, shortly after my mother had given birth to me.  The footage is shown here placed next to a new self portrait performance of redispersing mirrors throughout the home after shooting a series of photographic self-portraits for X: The Mirror.